With pencil and boat around lake Vättern

Eight drawings from the ports around lake Vättern in a gift-friendly folder

Cartoons have their place on all walls!

Motifs from the ports of Askersund, Motala, Vadstena, Hästholmen, Gränna, Jönköping, Hjo and Karlsborg. From sketches and ideas that have emerged through excursions by boat and sometimes by land around Lake Vättern. The pictures are printed on a high-class all-white and matt 180 grams of acid-free paper and each picture is signed. The folder has a cartoon picture of the lighthouse at Fjuk on the front and info about the artist and a little more facts on the back. .
The format of the pictures is 21 × 30 cm and they fit into all types of standard frames: from eg IKEA, Rusta and Ö & B with mat format 42 × 32 cm. Alternatively frame without mat in format 32.5 × 22.5 cm. The folder is in the online store>

By Lake Vättern ....

I grew up on Lake Vättern, where I spent time much of my time, in and on the most beautiful of all lakes. As a young boy I got to meet the legendary “Enslingen på on several occasions Fjuk ”Erik Zetterblad, who was his real name, and he gave a big and lasting impression on me. He was somehow the ambassador for Lake Vättern, all times of the year. Every time I see Fjuk I think of Erik and his life's work. The archipelago is there as a reminder of something unique way of living in self-chosen solitude.

Many celebrities have been captivated by Lake Vättern and its mystery. Verner von Heidenstam was born on Lake Vättern and ended his life with the lake within sight. Ellen Key chose the immediate vicinity and built his "Beach" right on the water. The author Folke Dahlberg devoted a large part of his life to Lake Vättern and described the lake in both pictures and words in a very distinctive way. He built his little cottage Stora Röknen and I had the opportunity to write through Folke Dahlbergs- the company stay in the cottage a few gray and cool October days in the company of my labrador Hulda.

Hans Ström, illustrator and artist from Motala