The portraits, the characters!

Relief paintings from the past to the present ...

This is how it started once .... the portrait!

Since the mid-sixties, the technique of using the third dimension, ie the relief technique, has characterized my painting without interruption. New materials and tools, custom colors and binders, yes much has changed but not the foundation ie the relief. I will learn to carry it with me for life, and with great joy and satisfaction ..... and the portraits live!


Reliefpaint from older days

#heliga birgitta

Holy Birgitta

Sweden's only saint, with Klosterkyrkan

#carl bentz i relief

Carl Benz

One of the founders of Mercedes Benz



American with Mexican background

#Mickey Spillane

Mickey Spillane

My youth's favorite gangster writer

#The Greek

The Greek

Local fishermen from the Greek archipelago

#The Prayer

Portraits are the foundation

Nothing is as amazing as being able to sell and hand over a painting that has a big impact on the recipient. A portrait creates communication and evokes emotions in a unique way. This painting hangs today in a home in Uppsala. The buyer is a now single woman and she found the painting via Facebook. My brother-in-law and a grandson delivered the painting, hung it and I received information about how it was received, etc. A year later I was in Uppsala and visited my customer and happy owner for the painting "The Prayer! It is wonderful to be able to convey so much, create relationships and feel the togetherness between the painting and the owner.