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Tecknat porträtt Bildcollage på uppvaktningar

Personal, timeless and fun!

Court with a unique painting that is appreciated with joy by both donors and recipients + everyone else. Many years ago I started drawing portraits for birthdays and courtships. There were more and more and gradually the rumor spread in the country about the paintings as nice gifts and they fit all courtships and my customers say that it is the absolute best gift! A genuine original. I am also happy to help you when it's time for a personal gift.

This is how easy it is to order it:



Find at least ONE sharp face photo in close-up, where you can clearly see eyes and facial features. Color or black and white does not matter, it can work with a passport photo if nothing else is available. Digital color photos taken from close range are best. Clear portrait photo = clear and good drawing


Write down some facts about the person to be courted. I choose an environment that I think fits your description. Send with other photos, (preferably good digital photos) on things related to the jubilee, logos, club badges, the car, the boat, the house, Mc´n etc. This is to make it really personal painting something like "Here is your life" eg If you want some text in the picture, you also enter it.


Call me first if you want, 070 4451230 or you send an email with pictures and info to: or in a letter letter to Hans Ström Åsgatan 4 D 59135 MOTALA Format • Prices • Delivery Ink and gray watercolor tone with any background. Format 40x50cm with graphite gray mat. Price if the painting is picked up in Motala: 1950: -Including shipping, packaging and SMS notification: 2100: - Framed paintingPrice with silver frame in wood and glass: 2350: - Including shipping, packaging (fragile) and SMS notification: 2500: -Delivery time at present. about 4 weeks In a hurry? If I have the opportunity, I try to show up at short notice. Call 070- 44 51230

Linn Peterzon awp design ab / Aquarapid Scandinavia Hägersten “Hi, the board was great. Absolutely and thank you very much, he was very satisfied. I will spread your contacts to more people. ” Ulf Mill Managing Director Teamster AB Gothenburg “Hi Hans! I was sooo happy for the picture, you have "captured me" great !! WARM THANK YOU! Warm greetings from a cold Mora! ” Eva-Lena Frick CEO Vasaloppet “Hi Hans just want to say thank you for taking your time even though I was like that late out. We were at 60 years old yesterday and there it was the most appreciated the gift. You did well. So kind of you when it became so short of time. Will be very happy to return. ” Ann Wallberg Karlsson Tungelsta "Hello! Got the painting and it is absolutely perfect! Great fun, he will be so happy. Thank you so much for a great job. ” Christian Behrn, Behrn Fastigheter AB Örebro

Do as Vätternrundan, Motala AIF, ICA, Räddningstjänsten i Mjölby, Motalapolisen, Eksjöbostäder, Asklings Bil AB and many, many more. Court with a personal portrait.

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