I like animals and most animals like me

A magical experience with the alpha wolf male at Kolmårdens Djurpark, this just should not happen.

Hans konstnär konstnären i ateljen

An artist's life ....

I am now an active pensioner with the desire and ambition to continue work. An artist and illustrator for more than fifty years, I think has a solid experience in the back. Many projects have passed mine workbench over the years and I still have the occasional recurrence customer who appreciates the cartoon message.

konstnären hans ström Söderhavet


The shoreline, the sea, the horizon, the infinity .... it creates the feeling of freedom that is so important for artistic development. Loneliness is part of the process of letting impressions make an impression in a chain of creative stages completely liberated from the earthly. The key to reaching the inner space is somewhere over there, behind the horizon.