A classic car on road.....

Mercedes Benz 280 s model w108 age 1969

Das alte S-klasse

This is an old family heirloom which by luck, ignorance and bad memory is still in my possession. This is a Mercedes Benz w108, 280 S model year 1969, and it has a straight 6-cylinder 2.8 liter petrol engine, automatic transmission, electric sunroof and white original steering wheel. It has rolled an unknown number of miles but I would estimate it at more than 50,000 and it will roll more. For more than ten years, the car was stored in a storage room and once it came out the fresh air was no longer a beauty. It had been left windy wave 1989 and the key was thrown under the doormat and it did not look fun. But think so it became …… .. The car has rolled in Denmark and northern Germany, among other places an been fantastic experiences. The dream to go to Stuttgart and The Mercedes Museum remains and who knows… The very last inspection resulted in a blank record. Feels strange today to drive around in this car and meet happy nice people who like old cars and MB in particular. In the 70s-80s when I had it as a company car and burned many long miles it was never someone who cared. Time has changed.