Jazz and Blues in relief

A musical journey that has done its part to create

#The Baseman

The Base Man

The bassist is the engine of the band and a prerequisite for it to be real jazz

#Jazz from the south

Red Blues

Motif from a warm, dark and smoky room in the South with a lot of feeling for the blues.

#Cootie Williams

Cootie Williams

Duke Ellington's favorite trumpet player in brass with a powerful tone in the higher registers.

#Miles Davis


A tribute to Miles Davis.

#Errol Garner

Erroll Garner

Misty, a real classic composed and performed by Erroll in his distinctive way.

#Bunk Johnson

Bunk Johnson

The founder and leader of New Orleans Original Dixieland Jazz Band

#American Horn

The American Horn

Since my youth, I have enjoyed jazz music and it was easy when I worked in a music store for a few years. An old legend named Gunnar "Siljablo" Nilsson was a customer and guest in my shop for several summers when his band played at the city's Stadshotell. From him I learned to listen and understand the soul of jazz, and then it went by itself even if I chose the pen and brush before the instrument.