The palette changed character

From the muted earth colors to a new colorful theme ... exciting!


The hottest day of the year was a day in the studio, in cool and pleasant light. Perfect to catch the sun in.

Contemporary art

Summer 2013

A state of complete darkness was replaced by light, and the colors returned. A grandson's struggle for his life.

Contemporary art

Net work

The digital noise, invisible to the eye but noticeable in the room. A flow that passes between different identities

Contemporary art


The struggle between the hot and the cold. Emotions that want each other

Contemporary art


Six by six, the color scale symbolized by six color fields that together form a six

Contemporary art

If I could fly

Imaginary bird with the right to be beautiful at the expense of flying ability.

Contemporary art

Let color and fantasy flow....

My good friend, editor-in-chief and art critic Sven Slotter often visited my studio and we had many and long discussions about art in general and my art in particular. He gave me a lot of input in a diplomatic way by using the art literature as a reference. He often showed up with an art book that he used in order to get me to adopt a new style or new technology. And he succeeded in the end, even though the old ordinary earth tones still dominate.