Erik Blodyx, en norsk viking En viking i relief

A project....

My vision is to create a mobile (permanent) exhibition with artists / craftsmen based on similar interests, different techniques and expressions but with a common theme: the Viking Age. Nordic Culture1.23 is an imaginary working name and I have already found artists and artisans who are involved from the beginning. and has already had an introductory meeting. Administrative force will be needed with contacts both inside and outside the country's borders and our hope is to get financial backing to realize this idea. We stand for the artistic! The interest in Viking culture is extremely great around Europe and a real effort is being made to raise both the local and national awareness of an age that we are set to manage. The schedule is to have a project underway in the fall of 2023.

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It was the Viking and his ship that became the starting point for mine relief painting. As a young boy, I was very fascinated by the Viking Age and still after so many years still have the feeling for the people who lived then. My motifs often revolve around the culture that was created with that small resources.


We do not know what the Vikings looked like in reality. The story has created different characters over time and in the film world have the Vikings appearance and behavior changed over the years. My Vikings have the traits that I always associated with in my youth these people. Strong, reliable with a lot of expression and independent ..

Sven Tveskägg Viking i relief

The personality

The feeling of creating an expression that conveys power, strength and integrity is for me the absolute highest happiness in the work with reliefs and painting

The ship of Oseberg

A fantastic model in wood with hull, details and rig completely scaled and sail woven in the old way. A gift from my friend P-G Igelström who knows that I collect on Viking ships and this will be the most important thing in the collection. According to P-G, I have stood on a shelf and collected dust for more than thirty years.