Drawings in black and white

The felt-tip pen is and has always been my favorite tool

#tecknaren arbete vid ritbordet

Black/white is also color

An ordinary pencil and a lot of white paper is a good way to start your creation with. The sketches are often the basis for something bigger, but sometimes the sketch develops into something independent. Hundreds and hundreds of sketch blocks are gathered in my studio and I can not throw a single one of them. There are embryos for basically all the illustrations and paintings I have made over the years and sometimes it is good to back the band.

Three different styles but in black and white


Humor pictures

Vätternrundan, Folkracefestivalen, O.Ringen and many other events I have made drawings for and it does not seem to slow down ...


Nature / environmental images

In contrast to all digital photography, a cartoon black and white image is often a better option. Picture from the port of Motala


Cartoon Portrait

A large and extensive part of my artistic life. Here is Verner von Heidenstam pictured in profile