A small but well-stocked and versatile Gallery ....

....and a nice meeting place for small and slightly larger groups .

Pleasant diversity in colorful environment

Fest i ateljén

Private parties

 A slightly different room to spend an evening in nice company


Plenty of room

Fourteen people (max) sitting at a long table is doing really well and there are still other seats and space for a buffet table and accessories

Träff i ateljén

Mixed environment

The combination of the studio and the gallery in the immediate vicinity provides an exciting atmosphere and nurtures art discussions.

Herrträff i ateljén


Small closed parties with funny names have visited me sometimes. Place for coffee and nice company in a pleasant environment.


Company visits

Sterisol AB in Vadstena had its management group meeting with lunch and general well-being in an art environment

Mats Paulson på besök

Celeber guest

The poet, musician and author Mats Paulson visited me in the studio a few years ago. A nice moment with conversations about art and music. Unfortunately, Mats passed away earlier last year, far too soon.