Children, art and exhibitions ...

A wonderful way to expand and deepen the closeness to art.

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"From Children You hear the truth "....

 .is a saying as well reflects the children's presence in the room of art. The most exciting visitors on a vernissage is children of different ages with their open-minded curiosity, openness and unaffected gaze. I have experienced it on several occasions fantastic moments with students who have thoroughly studied my art. Questions, thoughts and how you would like to create yourself are just some of the things we discuss, sometimes in depth

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My best idéa

Students from schools and leisure centers visited my exhibition • I got an idea after the first day of the exhibition to try to get visitors even during the day, which is not so common in a small town like Motala. I know that the schools do as much as possible to stimulate the students, but sometimes there is the will but unfortunately no money. Knowing this, I contacted the school management and offered to present my art to students in class and according to a schedule at no cost. After two hours, I already had a week fully booked! Read more about my project "With your fingers in the mud" in the PDF file>