It was the Viking and his ship that became the starting point for my relief gauge. As a young boy, I was very fascinated by the Viking era and still have the feeling of the people who lived there for so many years. My motives often revolve around the culture created with so little resources.




We do not know how the Vikings looked in reality. History has created different characters over time, and in the film world, the Viking's appearance and behavior have changed over the years.
My vikings have the features that I in my youth always associated with these people. Strong, reliable with much expression and independent.

Picture 1 is Ragnar Lodbroke


2 is Harald Blåtand

15000SEK 1500 €

3 is Red Orm 90x70cm


4 is a relief image from a Gothic picture stone.

6500SEK 650 €





At all exhibitions I had, the vikings appear as a central figure. Portraits or pictures with the Viking tools or weapons are grateful items if you work with relief gauge - there is an infinite treasure to research.