Many portraits with vikings have been over the years. Many are sold and I appreciate that at the beginning of my career, it was considered impossible to sell portrait in relief and separate Viking motives. So wrong they got. For all years, the Viking has been a given item at all exhibitions.




We do not know how the Vikings looked in reality. History has created different characters over time, and in the film world, the Viking's appearance and behavior have changed over the years.
My vikings have the features that I in my youth always associated with these people. Strong, reliable with much expression and independent.

Picture 1, Harald Blåtand

2, Viking Myth

3, relief image of the Gokstad ship in Norway.

4, the viking Erik Tveskägg







Vikingen har alltid varit en förebild för mig sedan barnsben. Fartygen, resorna, upptäckarlusten och äventyrarna och dess fantastiska kultur.