Odin and his horse or The hammer of Tor

Two classic symbols of the Gentile and Viking own faith and conviction of the power of God.

Till that I have inserted a stylized Viking image that I used to and fro. This is done in a different way by being coated with an oxidized surface. A new and very exciting technique I'm experimenting with in the studio

The reliefs are made of an air drying clay

  • The base is MDF board or hardened plywood and ground with a matte acrylic base to make the masonry secure.
  • Oden oand his horse with eight legs Sleipner 70x90cm 8500SEK 850€
  • Stylized viking 50x85cm 5000SEK 500€
  • The hammer of Thor 70x90cm 8500SEK 850€


Want to see more Viking paintings and drawings? Contact me at 0704451230 and we will decide time in my studio.