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Attention to other countries in Europe feels very stimulating and exciting. Competition is tough and many talented artists knock on the gate of gallerists and curators. I feel honored so far ....

An exciting and interesting experience was attending the International Award Galileo Galilei, held at the Congress Palazzo in Pisa, Italy. An event hosted by the Italian EA Edditore from Palermo, Sicily. At once meeting so many artists from all over the world was incredibly enriching and instructive. Plus, it was a long weekend in the cultural-rich Pisa in wonderful January weather with warmth.

Member of the Swedish Artist Association. Elected member of WCA World Contemporary Artists (Hong Kong) Elected member of Art Freaks Global (Bombay) From September 2017, I am represented in the Danish Art Museum European Art Museum at Fredriksverk. In September, I start a collaboration with Rebecca Salomonsson's LOVE ART in Kristianstad about the marketing of my paintings in southern Sweden,



My primary goal at the moment is to have an exhibition in Motala's Art Hall similar to what I had a number of years ago. Autum 2018 I'm aiming for.




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