The jazz has always existed in my presence as well as the motive for many music images.


To get a picture of many of the classic icons in the world of jazz has always inspired me. From early New Orleans to modern jazz with Miles Davis, Errol Garner and many others. The relief gives each image a personal life and I have tried to convey the feeling I experience with the jazzen when it is most intense.



MilesDavis SÅLD


"Red Blues" 25000SEK 2500€


"Cootie Williams" 25000SEK 2500€


"Bunk Johnson" 25000SEK 2500€


"Hoagy Carmichael Misty" 25000SEK 2500€


The size is ca 70x90cm including frame of tree and in gold or silver




Music means a lot to my well-being. In studio, music is always part of the environment that creates the prerequisite for creative painting. Jazz, classical or even modern entertainment music works just as well, but it is best to paint at Bach's Brandenburg concerts, or why not the Modern Jazz Quartet.