• Hasse Ström is my name and work and lives in Motala together with my wife Anette and the new lab Hulda.

    NOTE! The wolf belongs to Kolmårdens Djurpark. Our labrador is slightly smaller!
    I spend a great deal of my time in the studio located at Strandvägen 34 in Motala. There I have painted for more than thirty years and although the room is big, the collection has grown considerably over the years.

    Fresh air and exercise are an important part to feel good and energy work from early morning to late evening. A long walk around Motalabron to my studio is a good start to an evening pass and in the company of a happy lab it's a pleasure regardless of the weather and wind. Outdoor life has always been a priority in our lives and it has kept us in good shape even though we have grown older.
  • In the summertime we spend at Motala Segelsällskap as often as we can. The lake, boats and sailing are the first time and the prerequisite for this is perfect if you live in Motala

    Cycling has long been a great interest and pioneered the Vättern Round in 1966 and after another 13 rounds, it was enough. Now the bike goes to the harbor and Råssnäs, among others.
  •  Little info about an old family loan, a Merca from 1969>>


I am a partially-employed senior citizen with the right to work. The cartoonist and illustrator have been fifty years back so I have a solid experience in my back. Many projects have passed my desk and more will be. I have recurring customers who appreciate the signed message both privately and in business.


For more than forty years I have worked with an art form called Latin Basso Relievo or Lågrelief in Swedish. A technique where the painting is created in three dimensions ie width and height is enhanced with an elevation of the subject. It gives a physical presence in the image, especially the portrait where character and expression are amplified and make the image alive.

Most of my paintings today are in relief pictures. Portrait of my classic manners, but also a more modern form of relief with clearer, stronger colors and a different subject choice. On this webpage there is all of this and more there., In addition to all cartoon images.