Children's attendance at my exhibitionsThe most exciting visitors to a vernissage are children of different ages with their primitive curiosity, openness and unaffected glance. I have experienced amazing moments on several occasions with students who have studied my art in detail.


Students from schools and recreation centers visited my exhibition

  • I got an idea after the first day of the exhibition to try to get visitors even during the daytime, which is not so common in a small town like Motala. I know that the schools do as much as it only goes to stimulate the students, but sometimes there is the will but unfortunately no money. Knowing that, I contacted the school management and offered me to show my art for classroom students and after a schedule at no cost. After two hours I had already booked a week for a full week!


Breaking up new lands and testing new approaches is a stimulating thought process for an exhibition. What you do not try is nothing to know, but it can never be wrong.